From public servant to taxi driver

I got involved with the PSA because I was totally opposed to our involvement with rugby sporting contacts with South Africa, which was a natural follow on to my attitude to the Vietnam war. If you opposed to the war then as far as Muldoon was concerned you were just another "red under the bed".

conference 1973 Majestic Conference 1973

I worked over 27 years for seven government agencies, including local government, at a senior level. I had a lot to do with local body unions via the old local government training board of  which I was CEO . I got made redundant twice, the last place being the old Maori Affairs Department. In the slash and burn Rogernomics era, every job I applied for was told I was over qualified for. Even if you even got an interview, after 200 applications ( still have all the files) you were deemed too old at  44 years of age.

I gave up the public sector, dragged out my student taxi licence, went into Wellington Taxis Coop, later Wellington Combined Taxis. Unfortunately opened my mouth too wide and ended up a director and acting manager for a while. I still have shares in the company as do many other people of like background to me.


Photo : I was part of the Wellington delegation at the 1973 PSA Conference held at the old Majestic Cabaret.

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  1. Posted by Olwyn Jones, 04/12/2013 4:29pm (7 years ago)

    Are you the David Johnston who bought the story of James Waddell to life? Please contact me if you are. We are making a documentary series on war and Dunedin / Waddell is part of it.

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